Packing Supplies Checklist

Easy Packing – Supplies Checklist
To make your packing/unpacking experience easier, ensure you have all your packing materials ready.  This avoids any frustration during the packing process of having to look for it mid-pack.

  • Basic Tool Kit

    • for furniture disassembly
  • Boxes

    • different sizes for different needs
  • Box Cutters

    • easily/quickly open boxes
  • Bubble Wrap

    • wrap breakable items; also can be used in boxes as padding
  • Labels

  • Garbage Bags

  • Packing Paper

    • avoid newspaper, which can leave ink stains on your items
  • Pens & Notepad

    • easily make notes throughout the process
  • Permanent Markers

    • for labelling boxes
  • Small Sealable Plastic Bags

    • keep small items together (screws, brackets, etc.)
  • Scissors

  • Tape