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There are times when hiring a full service moving company is the best idea. However, at other occasions doing DIY move can save you lots of money. For instance, you may have all your belongings packed and placed at the self-storage unit. Hiring movers is a waste of money, so just rent a truck and move it over. Here are a few useful tips to follow.

-Size really matters

Doing your DIY moving it is crucial to pick the truck of the right size. The good news is that most truck rentals would provide you with tips and advice on how to do it. Otherwise, you may get a truck too large for your relocation. Naturally larger vehicle’s rent may cost more and you just squander money. However, if you get a smaller truck, you would have to drive twice and such a thing can be pretty costly. So, the better option is to pick a bit larger truck (by some 10% or more) to make sure all your belongings would fit in it.

-Look for the best price

Internet has made things easy. No more need to call or visit half a dozen of truck rentals. Just go online and compare the prices. Ask them for quotes or search through their websites to find all the information you need.

-Ask your friends for advice

It might be that some of your friends have already done the DIY relocation. They may direct you to the right company. The price online may not be what you actually pay for the rentals, as companies may install some hidden fees. So, ask for testimonials and double check the prices.

-Check out on the insurance

All truck rentals have insurance, but they may not have the right kind of it for you. So, double check this important issue and make sure you would have a safe drive over.

-Book ahead of time

Many movers are pretty busy and you may not be able to find the right truck at the last moment. So, book early. This way you may ask for some incentives or discounts, too. Plus, you would be sure to have plenty of time to make alterations in your plans.

-Inspect the truck

Before you pick it up or after it gets delivered to your house door and the driver leaves, inspect it well. Look for any possible damage, scratches, dirt, unpleasant smells and things like that. Later on a dishonest owner may require you to pay for the things you have never done to their property. So, make an inspection and only then sign all the papers.

These tips on DIY relocation and truck rentals can help you prepare and enjoy your drive over with no problems attached.