​Mountain Moving Systems

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At the end of a long moving day, it's nice to have essentials ready and easily accessible.  Many you will use your last morning in your old home and the first night in the new home.  This can be a box you mark specially or choose to take yourself for easy access.

□  Basic tools
□  Phone chargers
□  Bed linens for each bed
□  Change of clothes for each family member
□  Toilet paper
□  Cleaning supplies
□  Snacks/Instant coffee
□  Flashlight
□  Shower curtain
□  Towels
□  Garbage bags
□  Pet food/dish
□  Medicine
□  Paper towels
□  Toiletries
□  Toys for children & pets
□  Lightbulbs
□  Disposable plates/cutlery
□  Scissors
□  Important records

First Night Box